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Georgia on my mind

At the beginning of September, my parents, Nathan, and I took a little trip down to Georgia to see my grandmother. Go-Go, as she's known to me and my sis. It was the first time I'd gotten to see her since my sister, Laura's, wedding 2 years ago and it was a much overdue trip. She's had a rough go of it since my grandpa died a few years ago. She owns a florist shop and business isn't all that great right now. I guess with the economy in the dumps, people are cutting back on frivolities like fresh flower arrangements. She also had a scare last year when she blacked out in the parking lot of a store and banged her head up pretty bad. To top it off, she later had to have back surgery and my mom went over to stay with her for about 5 weeks while she recovered. Now, I'm glad to say that her many doctors have given her a clean bill of health as far as the major organs go. Still, I hate the thought of her being so far away and living all alone. Given all of the above, …

I have worms in my fridge

See them? There amongst the leftover Capri Sun & Honey Buns from our camping trip this weekend...This is so wrong. Please forgive me, Mama! But my man must have fresh worms for reelin' in those big beauties!Ick! Let's keep the lid on shall we? Hey Honey...don't you wanna go drown some worms? Please??!!

2 Years of the best Blessing ever!

On this day 2 years ago, I married the sweetest cutie pie ever. Around this time, my bridesmaids and I were in an upstairs room of the church getting dressed and putting finishing touches on our makeup. I can't believe it's already been 2 years!! It's absolutely flown by! In honor of this momentous day in mine and my hubby's life, I thought I'd post some favorite shots from our special day. I hope you enjoy!Me & my bridesmaids eating at Strawn's before going to the salon for hair & makeup. All of us are sans makeup! Hair in progress and seeing my bouquet for the first time! Daddy & his brother, Greg, in the backgroundHair and makeup is done! Now on to the church!Me and my sis with our DadMe with MamaMy goofy bridesmaids (Katherine does not have to go to the bathroom--she was  just showing off her pregnant belly!)the stage settingwalking down the aisleI love this shot!Our ring-bearer :)saying our vowshaving fun at the reception (which was on the vera…

My Birthday Boy

Last Thursday, May 14, Nathan turned 27! He's as old as me now!! A fact that he does not like and frequently reminds me that I'll always be older than him, even if it is only by 9 months! Ha!We had a very low-key celebration since it was a Thursday and Nathan had school that afternoon in Ruston. I cooked supper and a chocolate Butterfinger cake and we had our good friends P & K over to eat with us. Before we ate, Nathan opened his cards from family and his gift from me. He's intently reading some sweet sentiments...Nathan requested to eat his dinner on the "Red Plate." It was a wedding gift from some friends of Nathan's dad. It came with a marker to write each special occasion on the back. I think a birthday qualifies as a special occasion, don't you?After dinner, I pulled the cake out of the fridge... It's iced with Cool Whip and has crushed Butterfinger bars on top and between the layers. Not to mention the Sweetened Condensed milk and caramel i…

Polka Dots make me happy

A recent trip to Lowe's got me all excited about a new project idea. Rows and rows of gorgeous flowers had my heart beating fast. Then I saw the section overflowing with sweet potato vine. I've wanted some of this forever but never got any because it can get out of control and go everywhere. We already have some ivy that goes its own way no matter how much we try to tame it! But, that day, when I laid my eyes on that bright green vine it called to me. Begged me to take it home. So, I gave in. I even had the perfect spot picked out for it in my would brighten up that little bare spot in the front window box so well. I knew I would need to attempt to contain it, though, and that's when the idea hit me. Why not paint up a pot all cute? With a little spray paint action I could have it done in no time. Thus, the Polka Dot Pot was born!I got the 14" terra cotta pot and spray paint at Wal-Mart because, hey, it's cheaper than Lowe's!! Don't hate.It took …

Saved by the blood, washed in the water

On Easter Sunday, Nathan made the decision that he needed to be baptized. He had been studying all week in preparation for leading our Small Group in our study of Malachi. While studying, he had been reading about the temple priests who were doing the Lord's work with blemished hearts and motives. The Lord was angry with the priests for giving Him their second-best offerings and for not leading the people to serve the Lord with sincerity. Take a look at Malachi if you've never read it. The study of it has shown me just how easy it is to let myself become lazy with my service to the Lord!After leading our small group, Nathan and I went down and participated in a wonderful service. Our good friends, K & P, had come to join us and our pastor, Bro. Scott, spoke about our Lord's death on the cross to pay for our sins. He spoke about the hope that we Christians have while walking this life because of Christ. When the time came for the altar call, Bro. Scott invited anyone th…