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Friday, October 8, 2010

Help me, help me! Please?

Blogger friends, I am in a quandary.

I've been trying to upload a post for the last few days now & Blogger is telling me that I'm out of room for photos. Whaaattt??!! How does that happen? Can anyone tell me how to get around it or how to fix that problem? I haven't posted nearly as many posts as some people so I know I can't have too many photos on here. I'm perplexed! Please help!

Thank you!!


  1. same thing happened to me Ashlie!!! I had to buy more space. weird that it said that at the same time for us both though. search help on blogger and you'll find more info...

  2. Hey Ashley...that is crazy that you would have already run out of room? You haven't blogged enough for that? I'm wondering if they just aren't starting to crack down on it?

    Anyways, Candy Joyce mentioned this same thing just the other day. I believe she did end up purchasing the space but I don't know too much about it. If you go back to October 1 on Candy's wall you can read all about it.

    I need to probably look into this too. I haven't blogged since August so it will probably happen to me the next time I try :)

  3. Angela & Candy~ Thanks for the help! Candy, I saw the post you had written about this same thing right after I hit publish! I went to my Picasa account & found that for some reason several of my albums were in there twice. So, I deleted the duplicates & it gave me a little more space. When we get moved in to our house & have changed our address officially, I'll buy more storage space!

    Angela~ it's not a bad price...$5 for 20 GB! And there's several other storage options as well.