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Crappie fishin' on Caddo Lake

The weekend after Christmas (12/29/07, to be exact) hubby decided he'd like us to take a fishing trip to Caddo Lake. I was super excited because I love to go fishing and I love adventures/road trips even more! We got up at 5:30 a.m. so we could leave early and make the hour drive to the lake. Apparently the crappie (pronounced "crop-ee") are hungriest at dawn and so we needed to get there when the sun was just coming up. Here we are in the truck at 6:15 a.m.!

It was SOOO cold that morning! I'm positive the temperature was in the 30's! We both had on about 3 layers of clothes but that wind will cut through anything! The boat launch was in the middle of what looked like somebody's backyard but I think it's actually a make-shift campsite. There are "cabins" you can rent; although, they looked more like shacks to me. We had to stop and pay the $3 fee to launch the boat...and then we headed out for a full day of fun! The sun wasn't quite up in th…

Christmas...just in the nick of time!

Today is January 21st. In my world that's just about perfect timing to tell y'all about the wonderful Christmas my family and I shared almost a month ago. I don't think I've been that excited about Christmas since I was a kid! My sweet hubby and I spoiled each other way too much but it was soooo much fun! And, hey, it was our first Christmas as a married couple so it was extra special! On Christmas morning we were so excited to open our gifts that we got up at 6 a.m.! And no, we didn't just rip through the presents; we actually read the account of Christ's birth in Luke first and prayed together. Then, we took turns opening our gifts and just enjoyed each other's company. That afternoon, we went over to my parents' house to eat dinner and visit. My Sis's husband was still up in North Dakota on TDY so we all decided to wait on his return to have our family Christmas. Which was great because we got to have Christmas twice!! We didn't take many pic…