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Friday, August 31, 2007

Patience, anyone?

Thank you to all of you who have already left such nice comments on my little blog! It is so exciting to get new comments! I guess I need to get out more, huh? No really, it's neat to know that people are actually reading my blog. :)

Yesterday was a study in patience and perseverance for me. My day started at 8 a.m. (for those of you who know me well, you know that is WAY too early) with a trip to Holmes Honda for some scheduled maintenance on my Pilot. Well, first of all I do not particularly like to have continuously bubbly conversations in the early morning. Apparently, the lady sitting next to me was not very adept at reading body language. She was limitlessly interested in the book I was trying to read, my job, where I live, and the cost of my vehicle's maintenance. After each question & answer, I would lower my head and pretend to be reading. There was no stopping her though! She just kept coming with the big smile and energetic questions. Finally, when the service tech came to tell me I just HAVE to have brand-new tires, she left on the shuttle van to be taken home. Probably to get the 10% off coupon she kept complaining about not having. :)

As if that were not enough to test my patience, the rest of my day continued to be one irritation after another. I went to my mom's house to pick her up to run errands and forgot my keys on her kitchen table (we took her van). This wouldn't have been a big deal but I still needed to pick up my car from Honda after we ran errands and had no key! If you're confused now, I had driven my Dad's Accord to my mom's house because his car just happened to be ready for pick up after maintenance & I was trying to do him a favor.

Finally, we got everything worked out and I got my car back and everything was fine. Towards the end of the afternoon though, I started thinking how silly it was of me to be so irritated with such little troubles. Maybe I was hormonal, or grouchy, or maybe I was just feeling plain old selfish! I had wanted to go to Hobby Lobby on my one true day off and my plans kept getting delayed. Poor, pitiful me, right? Thank you, Lord, for making me think of others before myself even though I did it with a grouchy heart. :) Thanks for making me realize that I don't have time to be so petty.

The day ended with me getting to go to Hobby Lobby after all (I got some stuff to make a fall wreath) and Nathan & I were also blessed to be able to take dinner to some friends from Sunday School. Little did we know, we have a lot in common with that couple & will hopefully be able to make some good friends!

See, God can turn my stinker of a day into a blessing, after all! He can do the same for your bad days if you just choose to let Him. Yes, it took me all day to see Him working but hey, I never said I was quick on the uptake!

Have a wonderful day everyone! I'm off to get ready for work!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beginner's Blog

So this is my very first blog. Ever. I'm still learning all the neat things you can do with your very own web page so please forgive me if this blog is pretty basic. I can't wait to figure out how to put all those cool slide shows and videos and such on here! Actually, the whole idea of having a blog is exciting to me. I guess because it's something new. Anyway, this blog is mainly for friends and family to keep up with Nathan & me and our day-to-day doings. If any of you out there have good (meaning easy) tips for sprucing up my page, I'd love to hear from you. If not, well then, leave me a comment anyway. :) Have a great day and don't forget...hit your knees and PRAY!!