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So this is my very first blog. Ever. I'm still learning all the neat things you can do with your very own web page so please forgive me if this blog is pretty basic. I can't wait to figure out how to put all those cool slide shows and videos and such on here! Actually, the whole idea of having a blog is exciting to me. I guess because it's something new. Anyway, this blog is mainly for friends and family to keep up with Nathan & me and our day-to-day doings. If any of you out there have good (meaning easy) tips for sprucing up my page, I'd love to hear from you. If not, well then, leave me a comment anyway. :) Have a great day and don't forget...hit your knees and PRAY!!


  1. Hey Ashlie! I'm so glad I found out you have a blog...thanks for reading and commenting on mine. Thanks also for that wonderful compliment!
    I love your blog header! It all looks great. You will figure out all of the neat things as you go. Just play around with it. I'm still trying to figure everything out!

  2. Hey, this is cool! Guess what? It's my first time EVER to even look at a blog so I think it's great. Hope to see you soon to catch up!

  3. Ashlie,
    I love your "blog", what a great idea. Maybe I should suggest this to my brother who just got in Iraq. Say hey to Nathan for me.

  4. You're off to a great start! I love your writings, they're so clever :) (not that that surprises me)

  5. welcome to the world of blogging....I hear that it can be addictive. I like the picture of you and your new husband.

    Hope you don't mind me stopping by.

    Sharron Foster


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