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Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag! You're it!

Actually, I'm it! Candy tagged me, so here goes! I've done a few of these before so if there's any repeat information, hopefully you've forgotten it by now! ;)

**List 7 random things that people may not know about you. The rules are to link the person who sent this to you and leave a comment on their blog so their readers can visit yours. Post the rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I have a very minor case of OCD (self-diagnosed) and I love to count things in my head. Example: headlights of oncoming traffic, lines on the road (until they go by too fast & I get frustrated), windows on buildings, etc., etc. Yeah, sometimes I just have to tell myself to "Stop!"

2. I like to come up with titles for blogs I haven't written yet. I guess it's the creative juices flowing.

3. I have always wished I could be as tan as my sister and even went to the tanning bed for the past 3-4 summers. But, all I got was a whole lot more freckles, some sun damage (only visible in black lighting, at least until I'm 60 anyway), and maybe a shade or two darker than my usual snow white. Ecru, perhaps?

4. I like to organize, but only when the mood strikes. For some reason I just can't seem to file the important papers away in their places until a stack of them gathers.

5. I like to ask the patients at work what they named their babies. It's a great way to get ideas for my future little ones! And, you would not believe some of the names I hear...craziness!

6. I'm usually a little shy and quiet around a group of people I don't know well. But when I warm up, I LOVE to laugh and be silly!

7. I am older than my sister by 2 years but shorter than her by 2 inches! People have sometimes asked us if we're twins (totally don't see it), usually when we're wearing our hair the same way.

Okay, that was harder than I thought it would be! To join in on the fun, I'm gonna tag...




Laura O.




**If any of you ladies have already been tagged for this, just disregard it please. I couldn't remeber who'd been tagged already.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

This weekend at work I had occasion to take care of a baby who was, well, a little homely.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I am a Registered Nurse and work in the Newborn Nursery. And, I love getting to care for all the cute, squishy-fat babies that roll through our doors. And we get a lot of kiddos! I love their smooth skin, fat feet, and most of all I love chubby cheeks. This particular baby, however, had none of those "cute" features. Which was OK by me. My co-workers always tease me about cuddling & nuzzling all the babies, including the "ugly" ones. But how can you not find something sweet about a newborn?

I picked him up in the Labor Unit when he was born Friday night and took care of him pretty much all weekend. The poor thing had dry, peely skin and was kind of scrawny. His little eyelids were darker than the rest of his face so he looked like a baby raccoon. He did have pretty hair, though--lots of dark curls. I was happy to see that as the weekend wore on, his dry skin sloughed off a little more with each bath. And he started to look more like a sweet baby than a ball of Play-doh that had just been pushed through a pasta maker! Oh, and it also boosted my opinion of him that he finally learned how to suck a bottle mid-way through Saturday night's shift. It's kinda hard to feel all googly about a baby when you're frustrated to no end because the kid won't eat and/or spews barely digested formula all over you! As if the stuff didn't stink bad enough the first time!

Thankfully, though, by the time I left Monday morning I could truthfully say that he was a cutie pie. Now the dark eyelids just make him look like a cuddly panda bear instead of a raccoon. His belly is a little more round than when he started out and that dry skin is...you guessed it...soft as a baby's bottom. I'm always amazed at how these babies grow on me, and they're not even mine! Especially when they have a face only a mother, or a sappy baby nurse, could love.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tea? Why yes, I'd love some!

Last night I tried a new treat. I know there are several ladies out there who absolutely ADORE drinking hot tea. Anna, I know you're shaking your head in agreement right now. *wink* But, up until now I have not been one of them. I've always liked the idea of drinking hot tea; my aunt has always drunk it and I have a few friends who think it's divine, but each time I've tried it the taste was just way too weak & bitter for me. Yesterday, though, I decided to give good ol' tea another chance...

The last few days I have been suffering with the usual sinus infection, general crud that I tend to get 2-3 times a year. Except this time, I was a little more concerned than usual because there's been a lot of people out with the flu at work lately and I ran a temp all night at work on Wednesday. Yes, I know...I work with babies and what if I gave it to them? Not to worry, I didn't hold them any higher than my stomach, I'm not coughing, and my hands look like hamburger meat from all the washing. So, I think we're okay there. Oh, and when I got off work, I went to the doctor and my flu test was negative. Whew, huh?

Despite the flu-free diagnosis, I was still feeling lousy so I decided to check out the tea aisle at Wal-Mart while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. There were a couple "medicinal" teas but since I was still a little skeptical about the possibility of it tasting bitter & yucky, I decided to save my money for now and break myself in with some (free) tea I had at home that a co-worker gave me for Christmas. It's looseleaf and came with a darling little Christmas tree shaped tea diffuser, or is it "infuser?" Anyway, I figured it couldn't be that bad since it smells yummy and goes in such a cute little instrument! It also has dried orange peel in it, so I thought it might give me a little Vitamin C boost.

I started out by letting the tea brew for longer than I have in the past. I wanted it to be a rich dark color, not look like dirty pond water! Then I added just a smidge of sugar and a dollop of milk for richness. Okay, I'll confess, I'm a sissy and can't stand searingly hot drinks! It's just kind of hard to taste anything when the tip of my tongue is throbbing! And too, I thought the milk might give it a little richness. After spooning some up and blowing on it until it was cool enough not to burn me, I gave it a taste. SURPRISE! WOW! I LOVED IT!! It was so good, and I now understand why so many women love to sit down & relax with a nice cup of tea.

It was so good in fact, that I'll show you the cup of tea I made this morning! :)

All the fixin's:

Beginning to brew!

Ahhh, doesn't this look inviting?

And the final product with my add-in's:

Okay, girls, here I come! I'm ready to explore more types of teas! Does anyone have any suggestions? Hope to hear from you soon!

Countertop Commotion

Several months ago (as in October) my hubby and I decided to replace our old kitchen countertops with new ones. No big deal, right? All we needed to do was go to our local home store, pick out the product & color we wanted, and set up the installation process. Sounds simple enough, huh?

Nope. Not even close. First, we had to sign the paperwork saying that we did, indeed, want the home store to install our counters. Then, we had to wait a few weeks for someone to come out & measure the existing counters so that they could be ordered. After waiting several weeks for the countertops to come in, during which Thanksgiving had come and gone, we got the call that our counters were in and the installers would be coming in the next week to do their thing. Can you imagine my excitement? I was having lovely daydreams about how pretty our new countertops were gonna look. I'm sure all you homemakers out there know how disheartening it can be to clean and clean something that still looks dirty when you're done! That's how my old countertops were. Years and years of knife nicks, scouring pads, and general use had left them with a marred surface that no amount of Clorox Clean-up could fix. Granted, to the casual observer they weren't that bad, but I noticed.

Fast forward to early December. Remember how the installers were supposed to be coming really soon? Not so fast...the contractor came out, but he might as well have saved his gas. There was a mix-up at the store because the contractor who came & measured originally got fired for sub-par work apparently. And, the poor guy that showed up on our doorstep said he had just gotten our information faxed to him the day before!! Needless to say, he didn't have our materials with him and said he wouldn't be able to do it that day! Which is probably a good thing because he re-measured and found that the other guy had been off by quite a bit! Well, by this time I was super disappointed and Hubby was working up to a fine simmer.

After the contractor left to go have a stern pow-wow with the guy at the home store, Hubby and I had a discussion of our own. Here we were, 2 months out from our original order and nothing to show for it but frustration & disappointment. So, we decided to go down to the home store and either ask for a really good deal or our money back. When we got there, the contractor was just finishing up with the flooring guy and we didn't even really have to do any talking. The flooring guy was very apologetic and got the manager to OK giving us our money back. After getting our refund, we immediately went and checked out some smaller, more customer-oriented establishments. The first one was iffy and the salesman didn't seem all that knowledgeable or grateful for our business, so we headed out of there with a consultation appointment bound for cancellation. *wink* The next stop though, proved to be one of those experiences where you walk in expecting more of the same and are pleasantly surprised with a GREAT salesman. The man I'm speaking of is Preston Ivey at Ivey's Flooring America and the best way to describe him is: Very Charismatic! In the engaging personality way, not the wacky religious way. Thankfully, they carried the same product and color we had originally ordered. Dealing with the folks at Ivey's was so much more pleasant than the dealing with the folks at the big home store! We still had to let them come out & measure our existing counters, but Preston himself came and on the next day too! Then, we had to wait a few weeks for the product to come in but after everything was said and done, the installers came the first week of January! And they did a great job, very thorough and meticulous. They even had to come back the second day to actually lay the top down because when the old tops came off they took off a lot of particle board with them. So the guys had to mud and float the top and let it dry really well. All in all, we are very pleased with the results! I think they make our kitchen look so much more warm & inviting, don't you? I'll leave you with a few before and after pictures...I know you were all wondering when I'd stop talking and let you see!

**LESSON OF THE DAY: If a big commercial home store gives you the run around, don't be afraid to get your money back and go give it to the "little man!" You'll probably be glad you did!



With all our "stuff" (and the new sink):

A glimpse of the slight texture that the countertops have:

And, lastly, one of our new outlet covers:

Have a great day, Y'all!