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Cake Balls

Or should I say cake blobs? I saw these yummy looking treats over on Kelly's blog and I've been wanting to try my hand at making these delectable little sugar bombs ever since. Who better to use for my guinea pigs than my co-workers right? Hey, I thought it might be nice to take them an Easter treat! And if any of you out there are nurses, night-shift nurses in particular, you know that a sweet treat to get you through the wee hours of the night is always welcome.

The concept of cake balls is simple: bake a cake mix, crumble it in a bowl, mix in cream cheese icing, form into balls & refrigerate, dip in almond bark/chocolate/candy melts/etc. Sounds simple, huh? And it is. Kinda. Let me take you on a picture tour of my adventure in cake ball land...

Strawberry cake mix (I wanted spring-y cake balls)

The baked cake and the candy melts used for coating. I was originally going to put the balls on lollipop sticks in a cute little Easter basket. But, I got them home and realized I d…

Fun with Frosting!

We had company this weekend when one of my husband's best friends from Tennessee came down for a visit. The two of them have been fishin' buddies for a long time and his friend was a groomsman in our wedding. He got into town Thursday afternoon and immediately met my hubby and another friend at the lake for some early evenin' crappie catching. I was only able to visit with him that night when they got home because I had to work this weekend. Since they're hardcore fishermen, the guys left each morning before I got home from work and didn't come home until I had already left for work each night! We're talking 11-12 hour days on the water, y'all! Now that's some serious dedication!
In honor of our friend's arrival, my sweet hubby had requested a strawberry cake (it's his new favorite) for dessert. Well, I had a creative itch and decided to try my hand at making a tiered cake and decorating it with the pastry bag(Ziploc bag w/ a corner cut off) and…


Hey y'all! I need some help. I just recently discovered Picasa and I LOVE it! My photos have never been so organized and I've spent hours (literally) playing with the edit tools. But, I'm finding that it's a little bit of a pain in the patooty to blog with. I can upload the pics using the "Blog This" problem. It's when I get to the blog that I have trouble typing above the pics so that you read my entry before you're bombarded with pictures! I want to be able to move the pics around to where I want them to be, not where Picasa/Blogger thinks they should be! If you have any helpful hints about using this program...please pass them on!

Private for Privacy's Sake

Well, girls, I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I, like many of you, am going private. My hubby has never been super-excited about the idea of people he doesn't know reading stuff about our lives. So, when I asked him if it would make him feel better for me to "go private" his face lit up and he gave me a resounding "Yes!" The only catch is, I'm not sure how to do it. I've gotten e-mails from several of you gals inviting me to read your blog but how does the process start in the first place? Could I get a little advice, please? I'd be ever-so-grateful! And, I think I'm supposed to ask y'all to send me your e-mail address if I don't have it, right? So, could you do that too? Especially those of you who read my blog that I don't know personally...I don't want to leave you out!! Hope to hear from somebody soon! *wink*

Have a great day, Y'all!