Hey y'all! I need some help. I just recently discovered Picasa and I LOVE it! My photos have never been so organized and I've spent hours (literally) playing with the edit tools. But, I'm finding that it's a little bit of a pain in the patooty to blog with. I can upload the pics using the "Blog This" button...no problem. It's when I get to the blog that I have trouble typing above the pics so that you read my entry before you're bombarded with pictures! I want to be able to move the pics around to where I want them to be, not where Picasa/Blogger thinks they should be! If you have any helpful hints about using this program...please pass them on!


  1. Ashlie, You might ask Michelle Jenkins because she has used Picasa alot in the past. I also have trouble with photos occasionally. For me, I had less trouble when I select it to be a large photo and have it on the center of the blog. When it goes on the left or the right it won't let me type in certain places. Hope that helps!

  2. I always export my pictures from picasa to My Pictures. Then I just upload like I normally would.


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