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The Lord preserves the faithful. Psalm 31:23

Hey, y'all. I have a serious request to ask of you.

A brother in Christ needs our prayers desperately. Daniel Smith, a long-time friend of my aunt's, is battling cancer of the tongue. The technical term is squamous cell oral cancer, for you medical folks out there. Daniel has a blog in which he chronicles his thoughts, feelings, and nitty-gritty details of having cancer. Don't expect to be depressed after you read his words, though. His is the most uplifting outlook I've ever encountered!

Nonetheless, his struggle is real and he is suffering from intense pain that makes it difficult for him to eat and sleep. He's having to puree all his foods (apparently steak from Outback is pretty good when run through the blender). And, he's had to quit talking because of the pain. Not only can he not talk, but he can't sing right now...this man has an AMAZING voice. One of my favorite memories is of going to my aunt's tiny little church in Tennessee and listening to D…