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Quick Tip #2

I have another little tidbit for you ladies whose men get grimy and grubby at work. My Sweetie always comes home smelling like oil, gas, grease, dirt, metal, you name it. No amount of Shout stain remover, OxyClean, or Downy ever completely got rid of the smell after I washed his work clothes. So, I asked my mom if she had any suggestions. She said that my aunt uses white distilled vinegar in the rinse water of my uncle's clothes (cause he gets dirty at work and runs a farm).

I had a small bottle of vinegar for cooking so I tried pouring some in the bleach cup of my washing machine. I was a little worried that Nathan's clothes would come out stinking like vinegar but then I remembered reading somewhere that the smell evaporates after a few minutes. After the wash cycle was complete, guess what? No yucky boy smells! Yay! His work clothes just smelled really clean and fresh! The next time I went to Wal-Mart I bought a gallon jug of the stuff & now I keep it in the cupboard wit…

The 5 Factor

Thanks for the tag, Jen! I love these things! I think it's neat to find out stuff about other people, especially since I'm nosy at heart and love getting an "inside look!" I'm not gonna tag anybody but please play along anyway! And let me know when you do so I can go snoop around your place! :)

5 Things I Can't Live Without Under $10:
1. my Wal-Mart watch that I use for work (it died last night, though)
2. Degree deodarant (y'all wouldn't want me to do without it!)
3. Aveeno Skin Brightening facial scrub
4. a pack of gum, anything but spearmint
5. elastic hair bands and/or tiny claw clips (can't stand my hair in my face)

5 Favorite Movies:
1. Miracle on 34th Street
2. Miss Congeniality
3. The Wedding Planner
4. Enchanted
5. Cinderella (the original)

5 Favorite Baby Girl Names That I Love:
1. Chesleigh
2. Ava
3. Gentry
4. Piper
5. Paisley

5 Favorite Baby Boy Names That I Love:
1. Jackson
2. Parker
3. Brody
4. Gentry
5. Taylor (hubby's middle name)

5 Songs You Could Lis…

Loving my LASIK!

**Warning: This post will be long because I can't tell a story without being detailed and/or long-winded (whatever you wanna call it) so go do your chores first if you don't have time to read this right now. :)

Thank you, Lord, for the miracles of modern medicine. Seriously. Who would've thought that I would walk into Dr. Lusk's office Monday afternoon with a -5 vision prescription and walk out the same day with 20/20 vision? I've dreamt of it for a long time and y'all, it happened!

I am nearsighted which means that I can see nearby objects fairly clearly but can hardly see anything far away. Sure, I could tell there was a person or thing in front of me, but I could forget about seeing any detail. I also had astigmatism, which means that my vision was actually blurred at all distances. So, remember how I said I could see nearby objects? Well, nearby for me meant just past the tip of my nose! And I'm not kidding!

I've always found wearing glasses & cont…

Today's the Day!!

Ladies, I am SOOO excited!! In about an hour I'll be having LASIK eye surgery!! I can't wait but I'm a little nervous, too! I'm waiting on my Sweetie to come home to take me to the doctor's office so I'll have to give y'all an update later on. Say a prayer for me if you think about it, my appointment is at 12:30 pm but I probably won't be in the surgery suite until around 1 or 1:30.

Have a great day! Next time y'all see me I'll be glasses free! Yay!

Quick Tip

Just wanted to share one of my favorite cleaning tricks. I found it on the weekly Taste of Home Menu$aver Newsletter that I receive through e-mail. Click on the link if you'd like to sign up to receive it yourself!
Do you throw away used dryer sheets? STOP!! Save them to use as quick dusters, especially good for mirrors and glass! They don't leave streaks and will get just about any spots off of your mirrors, including toothpaste splashes! I've started keeping mine in a grocery bag to pull out when needed, but an empty tissue box would be a great holder, too. Oh, and dust on the dresser? Gone!! I love these handy little sheets so much that I thought I'd share the secret with you. Let me know if you try them out and how you like it. And please share if you have other quick and easy cleaning tips. I'm sure we'd all love to hear them!
Happy cleaning, Ladies!

Late Night Treat!

I LOVE Sonic!! I think I could probably go there at least once a day and be very happy. I like lots of things on the menu, but the drinks have to be my favorite. It is, after all, the Ultimate Drink Stop! Lately I've been hooked on the Strawberry Limeade and the Fresh Fruit Strawberry Slush. As if the slush itself wasn't good enough, there are yummy strawberry pieces in the bottom of the cup!! Mmmm!
Last night, my Sweetie said he was tired of sitting around the house, so I suggested we take a ride. Yes, I know, we wasted our extremely expensive gas for absolutely no reason. But, when my husband is restless, it is sometimes best that we get out of the house! On our little drive, we passed up Kaleidoscopes (an ice cream place kind of like Marble Slab) and Krispy Kreme! Now, my husband loves him some hot donuts from Krispy Kreme and he was craning his neck to look at it, but I think he was trying to be good and not eat that so late at night. Ha! Anyway, we passed up those temptat…