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Oh, how time flies!

It's been a year, y'all.

A year since I married the love of my life, the funniest man on earth, the sweetest husband around, and the only leader I will follow unconditionally. Nathan and I have said several times over the course of this first year together that it has been so easy and FUN!! Everyone said there would be an adjustment period where we would be getting used to each other's habits, but, we're still waiting for that to happen! Maybe we are super easy-going because it seems as though we've blended our lives seamlessly. Of course, there's been a few little "I do it this way..." moments, but no big blow-ups and such.
When I look at my husband, I am constantly reminded of how HUGELY God blessed me with this man. I am absolutely, 100% positive that there is no other man more perfect for me than Nathan. Our love story is too full of God's hand and we are just so much alike. Even our differences complement one another. For instance, I abhor doi…

Online? Yes, I think we are, finally!

Hey Y'all! It's good to be back online! Nathan and I were out of town this past weekend for our 1st Anniversaryand our internet connection has been on the fritz. So, I haven't gotten to check blogs as much as I like. The repair-man was supposed to come this morning, in fact, but the dispatcher called and asked if we were online. I told her yes, and she said they'd been working in our area recently. That means I didn't have to wait around for a strange man to show up and come in my house! Yay! I'm not crazy about being alone in the house with repair people, can you tell?

Anyway, I have pictures to show from our trip and the tale to tell. But, you'll have to wait a little longer. I have to work tonight and I need to go take a nap.

Have a great day everyone!

Happy Birthday, Honey!

26 years ago today You were born in the month of May. Your folks got a double blessing, Elated and anxious to be holding twins, I'm guessing.
Your childhood had its rough patches, And yet you've grown into a man with no matches. I'm thankful for all you are, and all you do. Honey, I love every side of you.
Our days together are just beginning And when I think about that, I can't stop grinning! No telling what the future will hold Though I know it will be as precious as gold!
Baby, you make me so proud I could shout it out loud!! Whatever we may weather together, I'll love you always and forever.
Happy Birthday!

What's One More?

Is anybody else out there fascinated by Michelle Duggar and her extremely LARGE family?

I am. I love any news of their amazing family. And, I just read on Yahoo! News that she is pregnant with child #18!!! Wow, now that's an accomplishment! They are, of course, thrilled to be having another baby. And, I stand in awe of their family dynamics. I've been to their website and read all about life as a Duggar, I played the name-guessing game for the new baby on Discovery Health's website, and I've seen the TV specials.

But, you know what I'm most curious about? And, forgive me for my candidness...

How the HECK is her Virginia still north of the Mason Dixon Line?! Good grief, the woman's insides have to be the consistency of one of those 2-week-old birthday balloons found floating around every kid's floor at some point or another. But, hey, God gives to those that can handle it, right? She must be one strong lady!

Sorry for my brazenness, but I had to voice my curio…

Holy Toledo!

We had a GREAT time camping, y'all! It was beautiful weather the whole time we were there and we can't wait to go back!
Thank goodness we decided to drive down on Saturday morning. The park officials told us that we missed out on a big storm Friday night that knocked the power out and had major winds! Our little tent would've been blown all over the place!

We drove down to North Toledo Bend State Park Saturday morning and after checking in, we ventured off to find our water-front campsite.

Which turned out to be more like a water-view campsite.

So, we weren't exactly able to dock the boat on the shore right next to our camp. No big deal! We didn't let that minor disappointment spoil our fun! The boat launch was only a short ride away and it's really not all that hard to put in and take out the boat. Nathan might say differently, though. After all, the only thing I do is back the truck & trailer down into the water and then park it once the boat floats off! Ha!

Is the Weekend here yet?

Woo Hoo! It's Friday! And I am so ready for it, y'all. Because the last two nights at work kicked my boo-hiny. I guess I should be used to it by now, but somehow it's hard to adjust to being run over, stomped on, and dragged around. All to the tune of whimper and a holler.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

But, seriously, I can't wait for this weekend to get a move on. Because my Sweetie and I are going CAMPING! Yay! Nathan reserved us a water-front campsite on Toledo Bend. He went shopping for fireside munchies last night. And Buster keeps looking at me with those eyes that seem to say, "Is it time to go yet? What about now? Now is it time?"

Enough already, puppy dog! Clearly I shouldn't have told him we were going camping until we were actually on the way. Because you know dogs (and kids too, I'm sure) can't contain their excitement about an upcoming trip, be it big or small.

We're leaving in the morning and will be back home sometime Sunday af…