Happy Birthday, Honey!

26 years ago today
You were born in the month of May.
Your folks got a double blessing,
Elated and anxious to be holding twins, I'm guessing.

Your childhood had its rough patches,
And yet you've grown into a man with no matches.
I'm thankful for all you are, and all you do.
Honey, I love every side of you.

Our days together are just beginning
And when I think about that, I can't stop grinning!
No telling what the future will hold
Though I know it will be as precious as gold!

Baby, you make me so proud
I could shout it out loud!!
Whatever we may weather together,
I'll love you always and forever.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday Nathan! Great poem Ashlie. Have a wonderful day you two!

  2. Awwe how cute was that! I love your photography by the way--especially the silouhette (?) of him and the dog!

  3. Look at you!! How creative and fun. You and Nathan are so sweet together! I hope he has had a great day!

  4. great picture! I love the moss on the trees.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nathan!!

  5. How sweet. Love the picture. So you're married to a twin? Are they identical?

  6. Sharron--No, they're not identical...his twin's a girl! She still lives in Tennessee and just graduated with a Master's in Education (I think).

  7. What an adorable poem Ashlie!! Happy belated birthday to your Nathan! :)

  8. I love the poem! What a sweet (and creative) wife you are!

  9. Awww...how sweet. I know he is feeling special that you did this for him. Anymore camping trips planned? We are going this weekend to Arkansas...can't wait!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Happy very belated birthday, Nathan! Great poem, Ashlie!

  11. Happy (LATE) Birthday Nathan! Look at you go girl! Great Poem!


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