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If it hadn't been for the cold, we might've done some good

Several weekends ago (the day of Jessica's visitation for my local buds), Nathan and I woke up really early and headed out to a fishin' hole that he'd heard was really hot. As in, the fish were biting really well, because it was definitely not hot outside! It was super cold and we both had on ski masks and hunting jumpsuits. It was definitely not my best fashion moment but to be honest, I didn't even care! I was COLD, y'all. Even with all my garb on, the ride out to our destination was mind-numbing. Seriously, you know how when you eat ice cream too fast, you get brain freeze? That's what my poor forehead felt like the whole ride there. Like a million tiny ice picks all flying at my skin at the same time. That wind cut right through the dinky little ski mask I was wearing. And don't even get me started on the hunting gloves of Nathan's that I was wearing. Ha! Once we got there and got set up, the wind wasn't so bad. It was blowing just enough for Na…

Color in bloom

Look what my sweet hubby gave me for Valentine's Day! He showed up at my work with these pretty flowers and lunch from Subway! I was so surprised...I was just sitting there charting and all of a sudden I hear a knock on the nursery window. When I opened the door, he peeked around the corner and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" It made my day! But the poor thing was embarrassed 'cause when I gave him a kiss, my head nurse stuck her head in the room and said something like, "Oooh, look who's gettin' some sugar!" Nathan's face turned so red and he didn't stay long after that. Ha! I guess that's why he's not too fond of coming up to my work, all the older ladies like to tease him!
You'll never believe it, but the flowers are still going strong! I've added more water to them once and they seem to show no signs of fading just yet! Nathan asked the florist to add a calla lily to the arrangement since he knows they're my favorit…

50mm Miscellaneous

I'm loving playing around with my camera! I thought I'd share a few random pics taken with my 50mm lens. It makes everything look good, no thanks to me! Oh, and I took the button header pic with it, too! Enjoy! By the way, these are definitely random, ha!That's all for now! I'll talk to y'all again soon!
I don't seem to have much inspiration to blog lately, but I decided to play around with my blog look today. I wanted something brighter and more open-feeling and Cutest Blog on the Block always comes through! Oh, and what do you think of my header pic? Funny, huh? I probably won't keep that up there very long but hey, it's different, right? Well, y'all have a great day and I'll see ya sometime soon. Gotta go run some errands! Bye now!