If it hadn't been for the cold, we might've done some good

Several weekends ago (the day of Jessica's visitation for my local buds), Nathan and I woke up really early and headed out to a fishin' hole that he'd heard was really hot. As in, the fish were biting really well, because it was definitely not hot outside! It was super cold and we both had on ski masks and hunting jumpsuits. It was definitely not my best fashion moment but to be honest, I didn't even care! I was COLD, y'all. Even with all my garb on, the ride out to our destination was mind-numbing. Seriously, you know how when you eat ice cream too fast, you get brain freeze? That's what my poor forehead felt like the whole ride there. Like a million tiny ice picks all flying at my skin at the same time. That wind cut right through the dinky little ski mask I was wearing. And don't even get me started on the hunting gloves of Nathan's that I was wearing. Ha!

Once we got there and got set up, the wind wasn't so bad. It was blowing just enough for Nathan to have to keep his foot on the trolling motor pedal. I brought my camera in hopes of getting some good action or nature shots, but my hands were so dang cold I was afraid to get it out of the case! I just knew I would fumble around too much and drop it or something. I've never been what anyone would call graceful. So anyway, we set up the crappie (read: croppy) poles and had about 8 poles going across the front of the boat. Nathan has these cool crappie rig things that hold 4 poles at a time so you get maximum bite-age. Yeah, I know that's not a word, but it sounded good when I thought of it. ;)

We, along with about 5 other boats, calmly sat in our fishin' chairs waiting for a bite while the wind rocked us gently around the cove. After we had waited a while, we waited some more. Needless to say, the fishin' hole was not hot that day! I think we ended up catching 2 or 3 really small crappie (which we threw back) and a few of our own lines. Towards the end, I started getting antsy, so I decided to be brave and get out the camera. Thankfully, my hands had thawed some and I was fairly confident that the camera wouldn't go flying out of my fingers into the beautiful Louisiana river water. **I hope you all know I'm being sarcastic about the water. It's not beautiful at all, unless you're enamored of Ovaltine.**

I ended up getting a few decent shots, but nothing spectacular. However, in keeping with the tradition of posting pictures along with words, I'll show you what I got. Try to keep in mind that we don't get beautiful winters down here in LA. We get gray and brown foliage along a muddy river mixed with a little haze in the air from the humidity. And said humidity always seems to be trying to decide if it should freeze or rain. That's right, we have noticeable humidity even in the winter. Lucky ones, aren't we? With that in mind, here you go...

One of the many stands of grass, weeds, whatever, that grow along the rock-wall jetties


Some of our bait, otherwise known as minnows, scrambling to be the last one picked for the team


A lonesome little buoy, just hangin' out


Me, in all my get-up, helping hubby load up the boat. What? You can't find me?


See? Here I am!!


And the post wouldn't be complete without a pic of my favorite fisherman! He's so cute! Muah, Sweetie!


'Til next time...Y'all have a great day!


  1. I love the fishing pictures. I went with J a week or two ago and we froze too...

  2. Thanks for stopping by our little family blog! I LOVE your freezing fishing story, too funny. Louisiana winters are about as great as Mississippi winters, ugh.

  3. OOOH Ashlie...It looks like you all had fun...but Girl, I can't go fishing unless the sun is bright and warm...lol :) My hubby always dreads taking me..cause I want to be in the sun and he wants to be back in a cove...( where it is shaded)...Nancy

  4. Well you go girl! Good for you gettin out there with your hubby to fish in the freezing cold weather! My fave picture on here is of the minnows...that looks so great!

  5. Great pictures Ashlie! You are Nathan are so cute! :)

  6. Oops...meant to say you AND Nathan are so cute!

  7. You know I hesitate to even say any thing, but I have to...YOU DON'T KNOW COLD, HONEY!! Although, I have to admit, I didn't know cold till I moved here!! I thought it uproariously hilarious when you talked of the "ugly" winters. I was just telling Blair today, I don't remember what the landscape up here looks like green anymore. It's be white for most of our time here! Haha! Anyway, I'm glad y'all had a good time! Love ya!!

  8. I love fishing but I hate to be cold so I think you are a brave girl!

  9. Well personally, I think there's nothing cuter than a girl in camo :) We really should all try to cast a few lines together before the dreaded heat gets here! miss you! maybe we can do lunch again one day.

  10. I gave you an award on my blog!


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