When we first moved up here to East Tennessee, I found myself among the countless Americans who are unemployed. It was an odd feeling, to be sure! I never pegged myself as one of those folks who judges their self-worth on what I “did,” but it sure felt weird to not be helpin’ to bring in the bacon, as it were. Thankfully though, my hubby had already started his new job and we were able to move in with my in-laws (I know what you’re thinking about that, but they’re great. Really) so things weren’t too tight.

In any case, with no job and nothing pressing to tend to, a girl’s got to find something to keep her busy, right?

(What? Did y’all think this was gonna be a somber post about the state of America’s economic affairs? Ha! No, ma’am, I don’t think so! I try never to talk about politics if I can help it.)

Anyway, in my first several weeks here in TN, my mother-in-law showed me all her favorite thrifting nooks. At one of the area rescue missions I found a cute little school chair for only $7! I saw it’s potential right away…a good sanding & some spray paint and it would be cute as can be!!

Buster posing (reluctantly) to give y’all some size reference 


He got tired of posing pretty quick. Ha! I sanded the wood down to get the peeling varnish off.


I sanded the metal lightly too so that my spray paint would stick better. See the ink blot (or some kinda stain) on the front edge of the wood? It didn’t come out completely after I sanded, but I like that. Gives it some charm. 

The little manufacturer’s seal says “American Seating Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.” in the outer circle. In the middle it says “Envoy- Made in the U.S.A.”


That skinnier bar across the back moves back & forth slightly to mold to your back a little better.


I didn’t take pictures of the whole sanding, priming, & painting process but here’s the semi-finished product. It’s a candy apple red. Fits the school theme, don’t ya think? Since this picture was taken, I’ve stained the wood with a natural stain. It looks like the same color wood as in this pic, just a little brighter.


I can’t wait to find a spot for it in our new house!


  1. I love this!! What a good find, Ashlie!! I love thrifting! I need to find some good thrift stores around here.

  2. Yes..creative posts. I like all posts of this blog.

  3. Nice dog, nice chair, nice blog, nice hubby. :D

  4. what a cute dog...
    i wanna rear a dog but my mum not agree...
    hi! i am from Malaysia!
    nice to meet you!

  5. Cute and lovely pictures. I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I feel good reading the blog.

  6. Very cute dog :) Nice blog very interesting like reading them :)

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