What's One More?

Is anybody else out there fascinated by Michelle Duggar and her extremely LARGE family?

I am. I love any news of their amazing family. And, I just read on Yahoo! News that she is pregnant with child #18!!! Wow, now that's an accomplishment! They are, of course, thrilled to be having another baby. And, I stand in awe of their family dynamics. I've been to their website and read all about life as a Duggar, I played the name-guessing game for the new baby on Discovery Health's website, and I've seen the TV specials.

But, you know what I'm most curious about? And, forgive me for my candidness...

How the HECK is her Virginia still north of the Mason Dixon Line?! Good grief, the woman's insides have to be the consistency of one of those 2-week-old birthday balloons found floating around every kid's floor at some point or another. But, hey, God gives to those that can handle it, right? She must be one strong lady!

Sorry for my brazenness, but I had to voice my curiosity. *shrug* Seriously, though, the reason I am so fascinated by their family is because they have always been very public with their belief that a successful family centers around a love for the Lord. Even on all the talk shows and such, Jim Bob and Michelle stand up for Jesus. I get a warm fuzzy from watching all the kids interact so lovingly and seeing the order in their household. Theirs is definitely a model I wouldn't have a problem following for my family.

Except for maybe the 18 kids part. I don't think I'm that much of a woman. And Nathan would have a coronary at the mere thought.

So, I'll stick with good old Ortho Tri-Cyclen and let Michelle Duggar bear the heavy load. No pun intended. Really.

What do you Arkansas girls think of the Duggars? Have you ever gotten to see them all out and about? Not that they're a circus attraction, but still....have you?

Y'all have a great day, now!


  1. I love your new blog look! :)
    Yes, I have been fascinated by that family as well. I want to know what he does for a living!

  2. I don't know where I have been but I haven't heard about this! WOW 18 kids that is a lot, man she must be a wonderful mother.

  3. I have mixed feelings on this family, but more than being negative, I'm like, "More power to them!"...I'm not having to raise 18 (or more) kids! I do admire their vast faith...the kind of faith one would have to have with that many kiddos!

    I had to laugh at you Ashlie...I have thought the same thing, I mean she must have bladder issues???!! Mine's all wacky after just 2!!! :)

    Candy...I've heard he's into real estate and was an Arkansas State Senator (or Rep one).

  4. OH my I am laughing my a@$ off. I heard about this Friday. I can't get over it. They live in the same town as I do, but I think there house is in the middle of no where. I am shocked to hear about 18. That is a lot. I feel for the 20 year old son...

  5. I, too, am all about figuring this family out. They are so organized...how to do they do it? Can't wait to hear the new kids name!

  6. Ok, I'm stupid I guess, but what is her Virginia and where is the Mason Dixon Line? :-)

  7. I have never seen them in person, but they are like celeberties here in Arkansas. A lot of people look down on them, though. I do see the negative, that they probably don't get the attention they need. But, God is in control!

  8. OK...I laughed out loud at Kelly's question. Mainly because I thought that when I first read your blog too. I mean seriously...have they suspended her bladder yet?

    I think most men just shake with fear at the thought of 2 or more kids...can you imagine 18.

  9. I think everything that I was thinking has already been said, but I still wanted to let you know that I laughed and wondered myself about this family!


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