Bathtub Blues

Aaarrrggghhhh!! It's happened again. Our bathtub has decided not to drain. AT ALL...or, at least very slowly. Now, I like to take long, hot showers and this clog business is seriously cutting into my shower enjoyment. I just can't relax under the steaming hot water when I'm standing ankle deep in bathtub backup!

This is not the first time the bathtub has acted up. Oh no. A couple of months ago we had to call out the plumber because the bathtub and the toilet had indigestion. The toilet had overflowed and the tub kept burping up trash from the drain. Can you say "Gross!"? The memory alone makes me shudder! That time we spent a whopping $95 to have our clean out access in the front yard snaked.

Well, it looks like we're gonna have to call out the nice plumber man once again. Yes, we've tried the liquid clog busters you can buy at the store. They're just no match for our circa 1950's/60's pipes and the clog that's no telling how old. My Dear Hubby even tried buying his own plumbing snake from Home Depot to bust the clog. How a thin metal coil with an adjustable handle is supposed to break up an obstruction, I'll never know. Needless to say, our bathtub decided it was still hungry and ate the snake. So now instead of a clog made of just the usual bathtub fodder, we have a piece of metal coil stuck in there too! Whew! It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Here's a picture of our backed up bathtub at its finest:

And yes, that is pink tile. It seems that was a popular color choice for bathrooms in the 1950's. It's definitely been a challenge to decorate around! And it's probably why I haven't done much besides add a vase of potpourri to the back of the toilet and hang up nice hand towels, both of which were wedding gifts by the way. :)

I suppose tomorrow I'll have to break down and call the plumber. I really, really, really hope this doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Have a great day y'all and remember the lesson of the day...a plumber a day keeps the Bathtub Blues away!!


  1. Hope you get your bathtub fixed. We are sort of used to bathtub backups. I think every house we ever lived in we had to stand in ankle deep water while showering. LOL.

  2. Oh no! That stinks! Hope it all works out!

  3. That is so funny--just how you wrote about it, not the actual situation. I think we will be having bathtub troubles at Willie's house before too long. Such a pain!

  4. You have a popular bathtub. Watch Stell Magnolias and you will see that the houses in Nathcitoches are also tiled pink. I remember my aunt's house having the same tile and I also remember it from the movie. (maybe it was peach)lol At least you don't have black cultured marble...try decorating around that. I love reading your blog.

  5. Hey! I found your blog through Destiny's. It was great to meet you. It is always nice to finally meet someone after hearing their name so often. Your blog is great! I'll add it to my list to read. :)

  6. Hey sis!! I remember standing ankle deep washing my hair thinking "Ugh, my feet are going swimming!!" when we lived there while Nathan was gone! I feel your pain sister!

  7. yup--I have a pink tiled bath area also!!! I groaned when we saw it 12 years ( or more). It still is pink tiled--I just have worked around it with not much success ;-)


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