Finally! A Wreath is Born!

It's been a REALLY long weekend at work. Babies coming out of our ears (and other places) and dreams of screaming, pooping, burping, brand new people. So it's a good thing I finally got around to putting my fall wreath together Friday afternoon before the craziness began. If you remember, I blogged about buying the makings of this wreath at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. Yes, sadly, I did say a couple of weeks ago. But, in my defense, I have stayed true to my nature and procrastinated once again. I don't think I'd know what to think of myself if I actually did something I set out to do the day I set out to do it.

Anyway, I had woken up way early Friday afternoon and my Sweetie was at home doing homework so I figured I might as well be productive and get the wreath done. Hubby had been asking me almost every day, "Are you going to do the wreath today? I can't wait to see it hanging on the door!" And, I, being the procrastinator that I am, had a guilty twinge with each inquiry. Although, apparently it wasn't a twinge painful enough to induce wreath wrangling.

Now, it's not that I didn't want to make the thing after I bought the fixin's, it's just that for some reason my genetics do not allow prompt production of any new or planned project. That part of the Helix was somehow left out of my DNA ladder. I have thought about trying to change. I've even agonized over and lamented my inability to get anything done in a timely manner. But alas, the thought just stresses me out so that I eventually ignore the problem and decide to deal with it later. Hence, the vicious cycle continues.

Enough of my rambling, here is a pic of the materials I used for the wreath (minus the scissors, but that's a given):

All of these deliciously lovely pieces came from Hobby Lobby, and were, of course, on sale. Never, ever, ever buy anything from that store for full price because if you just wait a week or so whatever your heart desires will be on sale. That was just an aside for those of you who didn't realize this miraculous fact. Hobby Lobby is fast becoming a dangerous store for me to hang out in. It's probably due to this need I have lately to CREATE something, anything, everything! I've always enjoyed crafting and being creative but it's only been recently that I've had a real desire to create things that make our home more inviting and warm. Maybe it's newlywed-itis, I don't know. Whatever the cause, it's fun to make something pleasing to the eye, especially when my husband is so encouraging! :)

Here is the finished wreath hanging on our kitchen door (nobody uses our front door, so why put the wreath there?). Oh, and I ended up not using the raffia because I liked the way it looked without it and I didn't want the thing to get too busy.

I just love Fall. I would love it even more if I lived in an area where you could actually tell when it got here instead of just walking out the door one day in oh...say...January...and saying "Whew, it's nippy out here. I guess Fall finally decided to show up!" But hey, better late than never, right?

Don't worry, y'all, fall will come soon enough and then we'll all be able to enjoy those cool evening walks, chili suppers, and warm cider or cocoa. If you feel the urge, go ahead and make something with your own two hands that you and your family can enjoy. Better yet, get your family involved in helping you make something to warm up your home! I bet you'll have fun and make a couple sweet memories too!



  1. I LOVE your wreath! Great job! I love fall too! I can tell a little change in the weather-but not much! I'm so ready for it to turn cold!

  2. Hey Ashlie! I must admit I have been visiting your blog for a week or so but just haven't thanks for stopping by mine (and writing, of course!)

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall at our house, too. By the way, your wreath is beautiful and you saved a ton of money doing it yourself. Yes, that Hobby Lobby is dangerous but you are right about things going on sale. I also see you are picking up this blogging thing quickly. I like your "before and after" pictures of the wreath. Have a good day!

  3. Happy Fall. The wreath looks great. Thanks for the package. Chloe loves the books!!!

  4. You did a great job! I love the wreath! Here I am surrounded by yet another talented person. :) Maybe one day someone's creativeness will rub off on me!

  5. I'm highly impressed with your 'wreathery' skills :) That looks great, I only wish I had time to do things like that!

  6. I love the wreath!!!! Maybe you can teach me how to make a wreath. I don't have one for fall:( I love fall!! I ordered Connor a pilgrim set from Fisher-Price last year so even Connor has his own fall decorations. I would love to have a wreath lesson one day. Maybe when you have a day off from handling babies all night.

  7. Love it! I'm going to make one as well, you've inspired me :)

  8. I like the wreath! Thanks for visiting---I will be posting up a fall post in the next day or two. Have a great week!

    Many blessings...


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