Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day to all you hard-working folks out there!! Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a busy corporate executive, you deserve a day that recognizes your efforts. So, even if you don't have official plans to celebrate the day, try to take a little "you" time. Brew a pot of coffee & use the special creamer, read a few chapters of the book you've been wanting to start, or just relax on the couch for a power nap. Whatever you do, I hope your day is wonderful from start to finish!

Me, I'm gonna go crash until I have to get up & cook supper. My Honey is coming home today! YAY! I wanna have something yummy waiting on him when he walks through the door. I haven't seen him all weekend and his homecoming can't get here soon enough! Sleeping will make the time go by faster, right? Anyway, I hope everyone has some kind of special moment today, either at work or at play.

P.S. I have a big box of Hawaiian leis leftover from my rehearsal dinner if anyone would like to have them. Why I thought I needed over a hundred, I have no idea. Nevertheless, they need a good home. Maybe a mom with kids who like to pretend? Or a teacher looking for prop? Or maybe someone who just wants to imagine they're in the tropical islands...can you tell I'm desperate to get rid of them? I paid good money for these things (not much, mind you) and I'd hate to just throw them away. But I really, really, really want to get them out of the back of my car!! Just let me know...


  1. Hey. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Its looking great. You will be a pro in no time. Hope all is well with you two. We think of you often.


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