She did WHAT?!!

I was driving home from work this morning listening to K-LOVE (a syndicated Christian radio station) as usual when I heard the most amazing, startling, & mind-boggling news report. Apparently, there is a 51-year old mom in Brazil who recently gave birth to her own GRANDCHILDREN!!! Yes, grandchildren, as in TWINS! This selfless woman offered to carry her daughter's children because her daughter was unable to bear children. At first I thought, "What was she thinking?! She's 51 years old!" But, the more I thought about it, I decided that her actions are just about the most sacrificial thing I've heard of anybody doing in quite awhile.

Think about it. The lady is not exactly a spring chicken, which means that this pregnancy probably took a major toll on her body. And, not only was she pregnant, but she was carrying twins! My nurse's mind can immediately think of at least a dozen health issues she could have faced and maybe even did face (they didn't give details in the news report). I guess they didn't want to cause any more traffic accidents than necessary by adding to the already shocking story. Also, can you just imagine all the speculation & ridicule this woman and her family probably had to endure? And it's not over yet. That whole family will have to deal with insensitive, tactless people for the rest of their lives! Whew, my level of respect and admiration is steadily rising for this lady and I don't even know her!

I truly hope this woman & her family know the Lord since she was such a model of sacrificial love. If you think about this unique family in the future, say a prayer for them. Pray for strength of body, soundness of mind, and salvation if it's not already theirs.

Have a wonderful Monday, Y'all!


  1. Ashlie, I stumbled upon your blog thru Anna's Domestic Felicity blog. Don't you just LOVE her blog?? I started reading your blog and I just had to leave you a comment for it seems we have a bunch in common. I live in N.Central Texas, love ANYTHING pink, the bigger the purse the better. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Hi Ashlie - this is my first visit to your blog. Nice to meet you!

    What a beautiful story of sacrificial love!

  3. I heard about that story, too! Pretty neat. What a bond her and her grandchildren will always have.

  4. I've heard of several different stories like that over the years. I can't even begin to imagine what that woman felt. After three kids, my body is already tired.

    What a great way for her to tell her daughter how much she loves her.


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