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Today was way too early of a morning for me. It began at 5 am (on my day off!) because my sweet husband was getting ready to go deer hunting and I just couldn't stay in the bed while he was rustling around. He has been so excited to go hunting and get started on this season! Bow season actually started October 1st but he's been so busy with school and work that he hasn't had a chance to go before now. Well, he was dressed in his non-scented camo gear and safety harness waiting on his buddy to show up 20 min before his friend's expected arrival time. He was so cute sitting there in the chair all excited like a kid waiting to go to the park or something.

While he was waiting, I made him some toast with butter & raspberry jam (homemade, but not by me) which is what he said he wanted for breakfast. I guess it's not a good idea to eat a heavy breakfast like pancakes & bacon before you have to go traipsing around in the hot, humid woods. Could be hard to get out of the tree stand in time if the bacon starts acting up, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I'm excited about this hunting season starting too! Hubby has gotten some great pictures of a 7-pointer, 9-pointer, AND a 12-pointer on his deer camera. Those deer have been burnin' up the trails around his tree stands and I really hope he's able to take one this season. I can't wait for fresh venison stew and fried deer steak. Our supply from last year is really running low. And, hubby does almost all the processing (except grinding the meat into "hamburger" or sausage) himself so it makes the reward that much sweeter knowing that the meat we're eating was painstakingly prepared.

Here's a picture of the buck he shot during the '06 season...

And here's a pic of one of the nice bucks he's caught on film this season ('07)...

Isn't that neat how the deer camera not only takes the deer's picture, but also records the temperature, date, and time? Technology is a handy thing! And, if you'll notice, the deer has just lost his velvet (the fuzzy stuff on its antlers). You can still see a little bit of it hanging in front of his left ear. Ha ha, the things you learn by living with a hunter! :) Oh, and did you catch a glimpse of his friend hanging out in the background? Pretty cool, huh?

I can't wait till he comes home so I can hear how he did and what he saw! Woo Hoo! Bring home that bacon...errr...venison, Baby!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


  1. That is neat that he processes the meat himself! That has got to feel good for ya'll and you are getting off quite cheap not have to buy the meat you are eating through the winter.

  2. Know ALL about the deer hunting family has a ranch in western Texas (south of Sweetwater). They have already been dove hunting, next week they are going to NM for elk hunt and then in November they are going to S.Dakota for more hunting. My dad and brother love it!! Brother can't go too much due to his football schedule but that doesn't stop Dad!! Let me know if you get any venison...might have to beg you for some!! Good luck for your hubby.

  3. Got to love deer season! We are still trying to finish off the meat from the two deer that Greg got last season. He likes to do the bow hunting too, but hasn't gotten real excited about it this year.

    Wait until you have a son and they both like to practice their archery skills. Your mom and dad just better be glad that we are on the other side of the street. Stefan has been known to shoot a few wild shots! (Last year). LOL

  4. Hmmm, I hope none of those peta people read this post ;-) lol

  5. That is really good that he cuts up the meat himself instead of paying an arm & a leg (Ha! Ha!) like we do for the meat to be processed. You are such a good wife to get up while he is getting ready @ 5am to go hunting - and then to fix him breakfast on top of that! Michael only wishes I would do that :) Good luck to Nathan this year, and let us know how he does. I love deer meat, too, so I hope Michael can bring home some more this year.

  6. I don't really understand all of one in my family hunts. It sounds really interesting though--getting up at the crack of the cold...well, maybe I can relate...sounds like me hitting the day-after-Thanksgiving Sales!!!


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