Dixieland Delight

It's one of my favorite "Alabama" songs. And it also happens to be the term I give to anything that makes this Southern girl happy (as of this post anyway--I just came up with it). Corny, I know. But hey, I can only work with the dorky genes God gave me, right?

Anywho, back to my point...

I love being a girl! The clothes, the jewelry, the ability to get away with crying for no apparent reason...I could go on and on. Sometimes when I'm feeling especially excited to be a girl, I'll say it out loud and then my hubby just shakes his head and laughs at me. He's just jealous.

Yesterday, I got to go ramblin' around with a friend of mine whom we shall call "K." She's going to be in a wedding this weekend and needed someone to go get their nails done with her. Who am I to deny a friend in need? So naturally, I tagged along.

We caught up on each other's lives since we haven't seen one another in awhile. We nosed around a cute little paperie in a fancy shopping strip. We got pampered at the nail salon. And then we had lunch in a tea room! Tomato soup with cream and chicken salad croissant sandwich, no less. This girly girl was in heaven!

 DSCN1985I just love my nails! I got a French manicure. Why is it that pretty nails make you feel so good? And it always looks so much better than when I do it myself. I'll probably never get a full set of tips again because the manicure looks just like them. And they put that super-thick top coat on that makes it last forever! Love that! Oh, and when it comes off, it doesn't take your whole fingernail with it! Ouch!

Just wanted to share some of my happy with y'all today. Local girls--isn't this weather beautiful? Maybe fall is really here! Yay!


  1. It sounds like y'all had a LOVELY day!! The lunch, the manicure, yes it IS girly heaven on earth!!!

  2. Hi Ashlie, I am so glad you came by today and thank you for leaving a comment!! Please come back anytime! It's so nice to meet you! Yes, pretty nails do make me feel good too! I love getting mine done...but it just doesn't last because I am always crafting, painting or cleaning..LOL! You have a fantastic blog! I will add you to my blog list! Oh, congrats on being newly married, always find ways to laugh together and keep the Lord first and center of your lives! Blessings to you, Nancy

  3. I've been to that Tea Room before! I really like going there every once in a while with girls:) Your nails look beautiful, darling! I'm glad you had fun with K!!!

  4. Your nails look SO pretty!!! :) YES, we are loving this weather and spending lots of time outside! :)

  5. Sounds like fun and your nails look very pretty. Mine, however, never look good because paint sticks like glue to nail polish. I would have to redo my nails every day if I polished them.

  6. I agree- I love being a girl! Your nails look awesome! =)

  7. Ashlie- you have loaded me up with the best advice! Wow! Thank you.

    Especially about breastfeeding.. Thank you for being so encouraging. : )

  8. I LOVE that song! Its my favorite AL. song!!

    your nails look good! It makes me want to get mine done!!

  9. OHHHH I love them. I love getting my nails and toes done.

  10. Yes ma'am, I do love a mani and pedi. I was 40 before I ever had one, so since then I've been loving the pampering! Good for you to have a girl's day....nothing like that for a mental lift!

  11. OK...I am a bama girl....and I know a couple of the guys from Al. so I like that song too (even if it i dorky. BUt not so much as sweet potato pie.....)


    Thanks so much for attending Jessica's virtual shower on my blog. I know that it means alot to her! Have a wonderful week!
    Leigh, Tales of Bloggeritaville.


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