Excuse me while I get the sock fuzz out of my mouth...

Pleh! Blech! Pleh!

That's me spitting the fuzz out of my mouth from where I just about swallered my foot!

I hate when I do that. Stick my big ol' fuzzy-sock-covered foot in my mouth, that is.

Last night I stopped by the Circle K for an after-dinner treat (because we are fans of treats around here) and that's when it happened. I was standing in line to check out and noticed that the cashier was a young man with a very jovial personality. I was in a good mood, since I was getting a yummy King Cone, and thought I'd exchange some friendly banter with said cashier. I noticed that his name tag said "Semaj." See if you can tell where this is going.....

I jokingly said, "Is your name really 'James'?!"

**I know y'all have seen the silly names that crazy teenagers sometimes put on their name tags, right?**

The poor guy gives me a semi-pained smile and says, "No, it's 'Semaj'- James spelled backwards." What could I do but just give a deflated and simple, "Oh." I felt like such an insensitive moron!! The poor guy probably gets that all the time. But, he was very gracious about the whole thing and even gave me a very sweet, "Have a nice evening!"

What was his mama thinking?! It's not the worst name I've seen, 'cause in my line of work you see some crazy ones, but it was definitely a contender for the "poor little thing" category. It's a good thing he has a great personality, 'cause a name like that could really put you on the defensive, ya know?

Next time, I'll just keep my mouth shut!! That way, my sock fuzz will stay on my socks and some poor soul's feelings will be spared. Y'all try to learn from my mistake, ya hear? Wouldn't want you choking on your own fuzz!


  1. Yes, I probably would have done the same thing. Who would have thought of a name like that...I'm not even sure how you say that name??? Wish I could hear it...LOL Ashlie, I have to tell you, I thought I had added you to my blog list, I was looking through that list tonight for your blog and it wasn't there...well, girl, it is now, I took care of that!!! Hope you are having a fun Halloweeen, Nancy

  2. LOL! Sorry!
    Yep, it is a good thing that he had a great personality. I don't understand these mommas at times when they OBVIOUSLY make up these names for these dear children. Poor guy! I am sure he's had to endure ALOT of jokes about his name.

  3. I probably would have thought the same thing. Oh, well, just find a different Circle K :)

  4. Been there...done it! Oh...and I am one of those "What was his mother thinking" people. I can't tell you how many times people look at Stefan's name and say..."So your name is Stephen (Steven), right?"

  5. Why do parents do that to their kids??? I would have thought the same thing as you....poor guy!

  6. Yeah I always wonder why parents do that to kids. A name meams so much. Since I've been teaching, it always floors me what names people come up with. I butcher half of them it seems! Don't feel bad!


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