Go rest high on that mountain, Daniel.

My heart is heavy tonight. This dear man went home to be with the Lord today around 4 pm. He fought a short but hard battle with cancer and won the victory today. Not in the way you might imagine, his body was not cured, but his spirit was set free. Free to be with Jesus forevermore.

I haven't seen Daniel in years but he's one of those people that you never forget. I'll always remember his huge smile and ready laugh. The sound of his voice raised in song is something I'll treasure forever. This was a man who made impressions on everyone he met. Impressions that last a lifetime. Go look at his blog and read the comments from all the people who love him, then maybe you'll get a sense of who he was. He was a man who deserves to be remembered.

He wanted everyone he met to know that Jesus loves them and died on the cross to give them a second chance at true life. And if he wasn't sure if someone was a believer, he'd ask! That is cause for awe in my timid mind. I pray that I can be as bold for my Jesus as Daniel was. Do you know Jesus? Do you want to know Jesus? My fervent prayer tonight is that you'd seek Him out and listen for His voice. Find a Bible and read it. Talk to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Ask someone you know who is a Christian about Him. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable with where you are in life, it's probably because Jesus is tugging on your heartstrings. He's asking you to follow Him. Please, don't turn your back and walk away. For Daniel's sake. For your sake.


  1. Oh Ashlie, this is so sad:( What joy, though, to know he is in Heaven! WOW

  2. Ashlie, this is so sad. My heart sank when the title of the post popped up. I just was on his blog a few days ago checking things out.

    Praise God that there is something better for us after life on this earth. Daniel is whole and while his family will be sad for a while Daniel is healed. Thanks for sharing all you did.

  3. Ashlie, this is a wonderful post! Yes, I know Jesus!! He is the center of my life! I love Him and love to worship Him! Blessings to you! nancy

  4. Oh man, I just visited his blog and it's so moving. He's so young to be gone, but obviously made an impact on so many around him. I hope you find peace that He works through all things good and bad. That family seems strong in their beliefs though. Take care


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