I should've done this 6 months ago!!

Back in April, we gave our teeny tiny bathroom a much needed face-lift. Nothing major, just a new coat of paint and some pretty accessories. I would have dearly loved to get rid of the mauvish-pink tile that surrounds the shower and lower half of the walls. But, that was a bigger task than Hubby and I were willing to undertake. I suppose pink tile was popular back in the 60's when our little abode was built.

We changed the room's paint color from flat white (we're talking chalk consistency here) to a warmer tan with a hint of pink undertones. The windowsill was the original stained wood but I wanted it to stand out against the tan walls. So, I painted the windowsill "Gallery White" in a gloss finish. The cabinet doors got a good sanding and a coat of Gallery White in a satin finish. Supposedly, if you change up the finishes of your paint, it gives the room interest. I don't know how well that works in our bathroom, which is the size of most people's pantries, but at least it looks brighter in there. Funny how painting the walls a darker color can make a room look brighter, huh? Maybe I'm just crazy!

Fast forward to now. We had put up blinds in the bathroom for privacy, but I never got around to hanging any sort of window treatment. We had to mount the blinds directly to the molding of the window due to how it was made, so the blinds kinda stick out a-ways from the wall. Therefore, I thought I needed a curtain rod to make the curtain stand out. Well, I've had a pretty little valance from the Shabby Chic line at Target since we finished the re-do. But, I could never find a rod that "struck me," you know what I mean? Do you see where this is going? Yeah, perfect recipe for me to procrastinate once again.

However, I am happy to say that yesterday I put my curtain rod woes behind me. I know many of you read the Nesting Place blog. And, I'm sure you've heard her mention her window "mistreatments." She even had a "Mistreatment Club" where everybody linked to their posts about beautifully haphazard window treatments. So, I followed suit and "mistreated" my little bathroom window. Here, take a look and tell me what you think! Oh, and don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

My pitifully bare window...


The tools of the trick. Yes, those are upholstery tacks!! And yes, they are resting on the top of the toilet. I had to stand on something to reach all the way up there! I told you our bathroom is tiny. There's no room for a stool!


Can you believe a little upholstery tack can hold up a curtain?!


This was super-easy! It only took me 5 minutes, I promise! And, I am super-OCD. I usually have to measure EVERYTHING and make doubly sure that it's all even. I didn't break out the tape measure once! I just had my Sweetie tell me if it looked even. I'm pretty darn proud of myself for wingin' it!!


Oh, if it looks uneven to you, please DON'T tell me! It will drive me nuts!!! Here's a peek at the whole room...


Just pretend you didn't see my open makeup bag on the counter. We can't always "stage" every picture, now can we? But, I did iron my shower curtain for y'all, even the ruffle at the bottom. Ha!

The fabric of the valance is a little too sheer, and I might mess around with adding some more fabric underneath it. Oh, who am I kidding? It took me 6 months to do this! I'm most likely not gonna touch it anymore! Anyway, it was lots of fun to do something the "wrong" way. Hehe! Let me know if y'all decide to try it too!


  1. Ashlie!
    Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for not getting to your new blog sooner. I love the new layout! I love the colors and I love your cute new bathroom. I feel like I have so much to catch up on. I am so glad that you are back online!! Hope you and hubby are doing well and hear more from you soon!! Your friend in Texas....

  2. Ashlie, I LOVE the Nester. She is one of my favorite blogs and I check her EVERYDAY. My favorite thing about her is the "IDHTBPTBB" (I'm sure you know what that means...it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful). That is one of my main problems with getting things done is that if I can't do it perfectly I don't want to do it at all.

    Having said all of that...I love that you JUST DID IT! I think the curtains look great and I'm sure I'll be mistreating something, too, before it is over with.

  3. Ashlie... I have saved your comment on my blog to respond to and I got so backlogged with email and blogs that I FINALLY got around to it. Thanks for the advice about my daughter and that boil/mrsa thing. It seems to have gone away...they sure freak me out.

    Your mistreatment is GREAT! Just wait... you'll want to mistreat every window in the house now. :o)

  4. Ash- That is so cute. I love that idea. I still have not done anything to the window in our bathroom, and we have been there almost 2 years. SHHH don't tell. Maybe this weekend. I already have a Hobby Lobby trip planned.


    That was my first time, 2. You need to find a group. We laughed the night away.

  5. Your mistreatment looks great!!!

  6. I think your mistreat looks great too!! Found your blog on Darlene's who I see commented before me here.


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