It doesn't take much to amaze me.

I just got done cleaning my towel hamper. Yes, you heard me right. My towel hamper. With a Clorox Disinfecting wipe.

Why? You ask. Well, after putting in a load of towels, the hamper was empty, naturally. And I guess I've never really inspected the bottom of the thing before, but it was nasty!! Really, you should all go take a closer look at your hampers. You'll be amazed just like I was.

Of course, we do live with an ENORMOUS black lab so I expected a little dog hair to be in there. But the dirt and stains that appeared to be coffee (I hope)? No clue. I mean, how can a hamper get so yucky when it only holds towels that have dried off a clean body? I'm just going to assume it's all the more visible because it's made of white plastic & has "vent" holes on all sides.

While I'm on the subject (soap box), who invented white plastic, anyway? It's really never a good idea. Think about it...your white plastic tupperware? Stained with spaghetti sauce. The white plastic trashcan with a lid common in about 90% of American homes? Stained with God-only-knows-what that won't come off even with bleach. Now that's gross! Oh, and my white plastic towel hamper? You already heard that story.


Now that I've aired my dirty laundry for the world to read, I suppose I'll have to keep a closer eye on the state of my hampers. Great! One more thing that has to be cleaned. Who would've thought?

I'm off to check the CLOTHES hamper. Wish me luck......


  1. How 'bout coming and cleaning mine? I'm with you...what exactly makes them so gross?

  2. You're so funny! But, yes that is true that white plastic is just a bad idea!

  3. I can totally relate to this post! I cleaned both of mine not to long ago and wondered why they get so dirty! I almost wanted to replace them, but with a little bleach and water...they looked pretty new after a good cleaning.

    Yes...good luck with the clothes hamper.

  4. You are so funny!! Yeah, it is amazing the things you see when you are really looking for them! Most is GROSS!

  5. Too Funny! Ar least you have a towel hamper- our towels just get thrown on the bathroom floor!

  6. Hi Ashlie,
    To answer your question about how we arrived at Poppy. My mothers grandfather was named Poppy and she was VERY fond of him....just a lot of good memories for her. So when we were deciding on what to call my parents, my mom wanted to be Nana and my dad decided he liked Poppy.

  7. I have a big white lab and a small black dog...and a soon-to-be-adopted black and white Great Dane. So, no matter *what* color it is -furniture, clothing, you name it - there is bound to be dog hair on it!

    Next time, I will endeavor to match my decor and clothes to the dog :)


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