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I've done tags before where I had to tell little-known facts about myself or things that I love/like/dislike etc. But this tag from JuJu required a little more thought. I'm supposed to tell 3 things that I love about myself! The three things can be physical or personality traits.

I don't know about you, but this is kind of hard to do! I don't spend much time pondering what I love about myself. So, after a few days of mulling it over, here's what I came up with.

1) I love that I am a good listener and my friends (sometimes even strangers!) feel comfortable confiding in me.

2) I love that I am sentimental and keep random things just because of who gave it to me or what the object meant to me at a certain point in my life.

3) I love that I am dorky and have several quirks that make my husband and family roll their eyes. Life is more fun when you can laugh at yourself!!

Okay, I'm going to pass this tag on to a few beautiful women. Take a few minutes to appreciate yourself! Thanks for this great tag, JuJu!








There are far too many beautiful women on my blog list to tag, so if you'd like to do this, feel free!! Let me know when you post it so I can come give you props!


  1. I wish we knew each other in real life! You seem so sweet. : )

  2. How sweet- I'm honored. Thank you!

  3. Those are great! I completely agree that life is more fun when you can laugh at yourself! =)

  4. Hi Ashlie, That would be hard to do! It was nice learning a little bit about you. Hope you have a great week! Nancy

  5. I too am a dorky nerd, though I love that about myself too. :-) LIfe's way more interesting when we can be goofy. Thanks for doing this. I love what you wrote.
    Take care.

  6. I did this one too and it is kind of hard saying nice things about yourself isn't it?!?

    I LOVE the 3 things about sound FABULOUS!!

  7. Oh my..I didn't even know you tagged me until today:)

    SO, I LOVE the things you listed about yourself. My favorite is that you are a good listener:) I'm just like you keeping random things for special reasons...just because of who gave it to me or what event it reminds me of.


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