Achoo! God bless you!

Me, that is. God bless me since I'm the one sitting here trying not to sneeze and let nose juice run down my face.

We had a Sunday School party last night and the hosts had 2 weenie dogs, dachshunds is the proper name, I believe. Don't get me wrong, these little dogs were super cute and I would puppy-sit any time. It's just that some animals wreak havoc on my allergies. It's crazy, really, because I live with an enormous black lab and he doesn't mess up my sinusoidal cavities at all. And my in-laws have 2 cats, whom I couldn't even tell were there, when we stayed at their house for a week this summer. But you put me in a room with rabbits, or certain breeds of dogs, and watch out! Here come the wheezy, sneezy, snot works!

So naturally, by the time we left D & A's house last night, I had that deep-down wheeze goin' on that made me sound like a smoker begging for one last drag. And this morning I awoke to a constant tickle in my nose that has me keeping a box of tissues close at hand. Good thing the box is cute (it's covered in Gerber daisies) or I'd already be getting tired of this. Hey, y'all think about me today whenever you're able to look at a light without sneezing, ok? I'd appreciate it. Meanwhile, I'm off to try and finish a sewing project before church this morning. It is only 5 am after all.

Oh, and by the way, we had a great time fellowshiping with all our Sunday School peeps last night! I don't want y'all to think the night was a bust or anything. The hostess fixed 985 appetizers which were all delicious (my fave were the green bean fries from TGIF's). My hubby fried some awesome fish/hush puppies/french fries. And we laughed non-stop. I love gettin' together with friends. I just wish we weren't all so busy so we could do it more often! We missed y'all that weren't able to make it!

Have a great day, y'all. And don't forget to think about me when you look at those lights!


  1. sounds like you had a great time...Hope you get over the allergy attack soon..I know how that is! Blessings, Nancy

  2. Ashlie, There is a great party going on that you either need to bring something to or, if you are like me, will just stand at the snack table and watch everyone else have fun...

    I stumbled upon this blog recently and she is having an I Can Make That Party...showing off things people have made. I have gotten many ideas and I know you will want to be running to Hobby Lobby right away. Good thing I live so far or I would be trying to beat you there :). Have fun!

  3. You are so dad-burn hilarious girl! I'm feelin' the snotty nose over here too! (don't forget the itchy/watery eyes) I'm really glad you weren't working and were able to come, I miss visiting with you!


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