First Down and Found

After my last post about the amazing concert we went to got a little long, I decided I should break that post up into a couple bite-size posts. I just didn't think that telling you about my hubby's first buck of the season went very well with tales of Christian band good-ness and starving children. Although, I'm sure those starving children would be very grateful for a bite or two of Nathan's grilled venison tenderloin...yum!!

Yep, on his very first day out hunting this season he brought home a 10-point buck. The antlers of which are lying on the recliner waiting to find their new home on one of our walls. They've been cleaned, of course, and just need to be mounted on one of those antler-mounting-thingys you can get from Bass Pro Shops.

He was so excited! He called me at 7:15 that morning and I just knew he'd fallen out of his tree stand or something. I don't think too clearly when being woken up out of a dead sleep, ok? I said, "Are you okay?!" and he said, "Yeah, but the buck's not!" At that point I got really excited for him, all while exclaiming & proclaiming in a whisper. Hey, he was whispering so it was my natural instinct to whisper as well. He shot the deer with a crossbow he had borrowed from his boss and apparently it was "like shootin' ducks in a barrel" (his words). After we hung up, I promptly fell back asleep for a few hours and that afternoon he came home with this...


The serious hunter pose...


My personal favorite...gorgeous man + nice buck = great picture!


That afternoon we took the deer out to a processing shop in my parents' neighborhood after stopping by Mama & Daddy's to show off the goods, of course! They were duly impressed but also a little grossed out, I think. Ha! We got the meat back about 4 days later and had those grilled venison tenderloins for supper a few nights ago. Nathan had marinated them all day in some kind of concoction and they were absolutely delicious! Better than the steak at Outback even! And venison is a very lean meat so it was even good for us!

After all the excitement on Saturday, you'd think we would be ready for a quiet Sunday, but it turned out to be busy too! We had church in the morning, and we drove separately because Nathan went early to set up chairs and I had a wedding shower to go to after church. I ended up driving all the way back home after church anyway because my high heels were killing my feet, the weather warmed up more than I anticipated and I was burning up in my fleece sweater, and I needed to go to Wal-Mart to get a gift card! Whew! After rescuing my feet and braving the Sunday afternoon madness at Wal-Mart, I headed to the shower where I got to "ooh" and "ahh" over all the pretty gifts. The yummy shower food and getting to chat with friends was a plus, too.

After the shower, Nathan and I had to run an errand and on the way home I saw that several people had already put their trash out for Monday. In our town, the trash guys will pick up anything you put out so I always keep my eyes peeled for trash that I can turn into treasure. I had never seen anything I wanted to save until that day. We pulled over and I hopped out to put it in the truck bed just as the owner was coming around his truck to walk his dog! Talk about embarrassing! Not only was I dumpster diving, but I got caught!! Eeek! I calmly asked the man,"Do you mind if I take this?" (I knew he wouldn't care since it was in his trash pile, but I had to say something instead of standing there like an idiot!) And of course he said, "Sure, go ahead. It's a nice...chair." Were you getting antsy wondering what I was risking my dignity for? Ha!


It is a nice little chair. Slightly uneven legs, a seat that completely comes off, and a paint job that's decent but dirty. What does that spell? POTENTIAL, my friends. There's no telling when I'll get around to potentializin' (I just made that word up & spell checker is having a cow) it, but you'll be the first to see it when I do. What do y'all think? Leave it brown and paint antiqued white over it, then sand it so the brown shows through? Or should I paint it red, then black to have red show through after sanding? Help me out and give a girl some suggestions! It could also be a cute little plant stand since the seat is just laid on the frame and comes completely off. Oh, the options! How will I ever decide?


  1. Oooh, fun! Not the deer but the chair :). No really, cool for him getting a deer on the first day out. I'm all about free meat!

    I have never gotten anything from someone's trash but I always have my eyes peeled and certainly would if the right "trash" were in the trash. That is funny that you got caught...that would be my luck!

    I'm thinking the plant stand would be cute unless you could figure out how to screw the seat into the chair. If you put it outside I would do it white and then distress it. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Hi Ashlie, Tell your hubby congrats on that buck. Great story about that Chair! Good for going dumpster diving!!! I would paint it black...Oh the possibilities! Hope y'all have a great Sunday! Nancy

  3. Jerrame is very sad, he didn't get anything this weekend. It might be that he only got to go for 4 hours.... I will have to show him the pics of your hubs and deer.


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