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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Years of the best Blessing ever!

On this day 2 years ago, I married the sweetest cutie pie ever. Around this time, my bridesmaids and I were in an upstairs room of the church getting dressed and putting finishing touches on our makeup. I can't believe it's already been 2 years!! It's absolutely flown by! In honor of this momentous day in mine and my hubby's life, I thought I'd post some favorite shots from our special day. I hope you enjoy!

Me & my bridesmaids eating at Strawn's before going to the salon for hair & makeup. All of us are sans makeup!


Hair in progress and seeing my bouquet for the first time! Daddy & his brother, Greg, in the background


Hair and makeup is done! Now on to the church!


Me and my sis with our Dad


Me with Mama


My goofy bridesmaids (Katherine does not have to go to the bathroom--she was  just showing off her pregnant belly!)


the stage setting


walking down the aisle


I love this shot!


Our ring-bearer :)


saying our vows


having fun at the reception (which was on the veranda of a Barbecue restaurant!)


about to get my garter yanked ;)


throwing the bouquet...Nathan's sis, Courtney (in black & white) caught it!


our First Dance (please excuse the liquor banner in the background, that was an uh-oh on the restaurant's part!)


walking in the field behind the restaurant...one of my favorites!


leaving the reception


one last shot with friends who are more like family!


We had such a beautiful and fun wedding! Thank you to all our friends who helped out so much! Nathan, I love you forever!!


  1. SIS!!! How quickly time has flown. Seeing these pictures brings that day back with awesome clarity...me running all over town getting stuff, getting all duded up, almost running into Nathan at the Subway in Haughton!
    Nathan is an awesome man and you two make the cutest couple. All you need in life is the love of a good man, and sister, you got it.
    I love you both!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh, I love seeing wedding pictures! I don't think I have ever seen any of your wedding pictures. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride! Happy Anniversary!

  3. such a beautiful bride!!! I loved seeing all of thse pics, Ashlie! Happy Anniversary. You and Nathan are such a SWEET, SWEET couple!
    P.S. I sure thought about calling you Friday night from WKB when I had a CRAZY nursery nurse! I was wishing you were there! :)

  4. What a cute wedding it looks like you had! I love the colour of your bridesmaid dresses! :)

  5. Yay! I am so glad you posted these. I never saw any of your wedding pics. You were definitely a beautiful bride. Happy Anniversary (belatedly...LOL)

  6. Oh Miss Ashley, How sweet are you two! Loved seeing the pictures! You two make an adorable looking couple!

  7. I mean Ashlie, and I meant to Say I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!!!! Sorry I hit post comment before I had all my thoughts on the comment! LOL ...I guess it comes with age...see what you have to look forward to.. ;) Nancy

  8. These are great pictures from your wedding!! It's so fun looking back:) You were a beautiful bride!!

  9. Ashlie,
    You were a beautiful bride and your bridesmaids dresses remind me of my daughter's wedding! I've missed reading your sweet blog. I need to get around more often!

  10. i love the bridesmaids dresses lookes like u had a agood time