Georgia on my mind

At the beginning of September, my parents, Nathan, and I took a little trip down to Georgia to see my grandmother. Go-Go, as she's known to me and my sis. It was the first time I'd gotten to see her since my sister, Laura's, wedding 2 years ago and it was a much overdue trip. She's had a rough go of it since my grandpa died a few years ago. She owns a florist shop and business isn't all that great right now. I guess with the economy in the dumps, people are cutting back on frivolities like fresh flower arrangements.

She also had a scare last year when she blacked out in the parking lot of a store and banged her head up pretty bad. To top it off, she later had to have back surgery and my mom went over to stay with her for about 5 weeks while she recovered.

Now, I'm glad to say that her many doctors have given her a clean bill of health as far as the major organs go. Still, I hate the thought of her being so far away and living all alone. Given all of the above, it was so good to get to spend a little time with my spunky grandma.

Oh yes, she may live alone, but she is far from being pitiful. She is still sharp as a tack and witty, too. Can't get much by that one!

While we were there, we ate at a few new-to-us restaurants like Red Robin Cafe (gourmet hamburger joint) and Panera Bread Co. Oh, how I wish we would get a Panera here!! It was so good! We also went down to the River Walk area of downtown. It's so pretty and peaceful. There is a really nice, brick walk-way along the river and it's lit by the lamps you see in the picture below. There's an old mill at the edge of the waterfall that has an antique-y charm. The downtown area was once booming with textile mills and was called Milltown...original, ay?


The other side of the river is actually Alabama!


We had to take a few face shots as well. My honey has his binoculars around his neck so he could see what the guys on the other side of the river were catchin'. Ha!


Go-Go, Daddy, and Nathan


3 generations!


A pretty fountain


I liked the orange of the sign against the old architecture of this church.


We took a drive up to Callaway Gardens one afternoon just before sunset. There's a look-out point and country store that serves really yummy food!


Mama and Go-Go waiting patiently on the rest of us to finish looking at the look-out point!


Pretty flowers at the entrance to the country store


Everybody heading in for some dessert!


It was so homey inside! We got there a little before they closed so I didn't have near enough time to look at everything! No, Laura, I didn't get to read the labels on every jar and book, much to my chagrin!



And that's only one side of the store! I had to put the camera away & eat my apple dumpling before they closed up shop and booted us out!

Our visit was way too short, as always, but it was so good to spend some time with my Go-Go. Hopefully, the next visit won't be so far away!!


  1. I love that place. Did my internship just north of there in Warm Springs.

  2. Oh wow! It's great to see pics of stuff I remember!! I used to love, love, love that Country Store!!! I haven't been there in ages! Wish I could've been with y'all!

  3. Year before last Nathan's mom side of the family had their reunion very close to Calloway Gardens. I was only a few months pregnant and we had a lot of fun. Loved the pictures!! We also traveled and visited warm springs.

  4. Hey! I'm just checking in to see if you have anything new up. I know this post is old, but I missed it. Your Grandma looks so sweet! I love all the pictures--very pretty!
    Hope you are having a good fall! Miss y'all!

  5. so, blogger is showing me this post is new but now I see that it is old... oh well, glad ya'll had such a good trip! the pics are GREAT, loved seeing them! hope all is well with ya'll! :)

  6. What a great place and your grandma is adorable. She sounds amazing! Panera is one of my favorite places to eat.


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