Welcome back, December!

Well, y'all, my blog is all decked out for the holidays, but my house has yet to get the same attention. Hopefully, that will change this evening. Hubby and I are gonna have chicken & sausage jambalaya for supper and then deck the halls. Should be fun with the local Christmas station playin' on the radio. And this year is going to be low-key as far as the tree goes. We had a real tree last year but decided not to get one this year. And I don't want to pay full price for a faux one, so I'm going to wait until after the holidays and try to get one on sale.

Don't worry, though, we won't be completely tree-less. I have a topiary tree that I used in my wedding and I plan on sprucing it up for the season. I'm gonna try something different this year and make a Christmas vignette. I have a picture in my head of what I want it to look like. We'll see if I can bring it to life!

I'm just starting to get into the Christmas groove. I just can't bring myself to even think about Christmas until December actually gets here. I know lots of people start decorating in the middle of November, but well, that's not gonna happen in my house. Not with the procrastinate-itis I've had since birth. I'm doing good if I get the goodies up by mid-December! Oh well, it stays up 'til January anyway!

So, since I don't have any Christmas pretties to show y'all yet, I thought I'd give you a peek at what's been inspiring me lately. Here's a little photo show-and-tell...

A 3-layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting and fall leaves sprinkles; recipe for the cake came from Bakerella. Yum!


A cardinal ornament made from felt and corduroy. A jingle bell & a little stuffing on the inside give it a little pizzazz!


Blanket stitching around the edges holds it together and double French knots give him his eyes. He was a gift for Martha. I hope you like him!


The ingredients for a new Christmas project!


My sweet Mama made us an Advent Bag! You open a bag each night and it has a verse and some treats. Fun! Thanks, Mama!


I'm having fun with felt these days. The possibilities are endless with this stuff!


Buttons, and glitter, and beads, Oh My! What can I make next? I love stash-building!!


Have a lovely day, y'all! Now, I'm off to work on that Christmas project! Mmm, fun!


  1. Hello!
    :) so happy to have met you!
    I too am very (ok, extremely) behind on the Christmas decor....!
    I do have most of my packages wrapped, but nary a reindeer or jingle bell bird is in sight!

    Seeing your festive blog has got me motivated...
    I will plug in lights
    I will plug in lights
    I will...I will...I will...I will !!! LOL

  2. I started decorating my living room today and I'm exhausted. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I love Bakerella. Let me know how the cake tastes. I've been wanting to try that recipe.

  3. Hi Ashlie, sounds like things are very exciting around your house. Enjoy that time spent together decking the halls! Blessings, nancy

  4. Love your stash....I need to clean mine out! That is so cute that your Mom made you an advent. cherry

  5. Wow! I love the Advent Bag...that would be something I could do for Mom next year. I will have to get the details...Mom would love that. Your Mom is so awesome! =) I'm glad you are getting into the Christmas mood...I'm far from it this year...say a prayer for me. Thanks girl!

    Oh and can't wait to see what creative project you have going on!

  6. I love felt too! Can't wait to see you decorations!

  7. Hi Ashlie, The "post a comment box" doesn't come up on your newsest post for me so I'm leaving you a comment here. Thanks for the link to my giveaway! You now have four chances to win! Merry Christmas and God Bless,


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