Polka Dots make me happy

A recent trip to Lowe's got me all excited about a new project idea. Rows and rows of gorgeous flowers had my heart beating fast. Then I saw the section overflowing with sweet potato vine. I've wanted some of this forever but never got any because it can get out of control and go everywhere. We already have some ivy that goes its own way no matter how much we try to tame it!

But, that day, when I laid my eyes on that bright green vine it called to me. Begged me to take it home. So, I gave in. I even had the perfect spot picked out for it in my mind...it would brighten up that little bare spot in the front window box so well. I knew I would need to attempt to contain it, though, and that's when the idea hit me.

Why not paint up a pot all cute? With a little spray paint action I could have it done in no time. Thus, the Polka Dot Pot was born!

I got the 14" terra cotta pot and spray paint at Wal-Mart because, hey, it's cheaper than Lowe's!! Don't hate.


It took several coats of primer to get good coverage. That terra cotta soaks up paint like no tomorrow! Oh, and if you're gonna spray paint something, you have GOT to get one of these little trigger thingies. I learned that lesson after I couldn't feel my fingertip for 2 weeks the first time I sprayed something. True story.


I made a polka dot template using my handy quilting mat (for the grid it provided) and used acrylic gloss paint for the dots. It says it's for indoor/outdoor use. We'll see how well it holds up...


Traced my dots using a white paint pen (which was hard to find, by the way). My dots are a little wonky because the pot is curved and my pattern was, um, straight. Now I know for next time, right?

I almost forgot to tell you! I picked out this blue paint because I thought the bright green of the vine would look amazing against the blue. And I got it in a glossy sheen because, duh, I love shiny stuff! However, I think I had to do like 20 million coats before you could even tell that it was glossy. Remember how I said the terra cotta soaks up paint? Yeah.


I filled in my dots with 2 coats of the glossy acrylic, let it dry overnight, and then hauled it outside for a little sealer action. 3 coats of High Gloss spray sealer later, and we were in business. Well, after it dried anyway.

**this stool gets the pleasure of supporting most of my painting projects, hence the weird markings. :)


Add some Miracle Gro potting soil, the sweet potato vine, and a kalanchoe, and voila! You've got yourself a bright little garden jewel!



The kalanchoe is part of the succulent family. I can't wait 'til it's blooms open up!


I love this shot of our window box. Feels like I have my own little cottage garden! I really need to cut that silverleaf back though.


Nathan has had this rose bush for years. It's so pretty and is loaded with blooms every year. Smells divine!


Have a great day, everybody!


  1. What a neat idea and it turned out so cute! Your pictures are looking GREAT by the way! See ya tomorrow!!!!!

  2. VERY cute!!! I love the blue and white. I did a razorback one that had stripes a while back. Still Love it!! Too bad the plant died..

  3. Sis!! That looks great! I've been thinking of trying to get rid of this black arm I've got and try to grow a few plants...we'll see how it goes! I may have to copy you for your planter-painting idea!!! Love you!

  4. OK, so I tried to say this before signing in, so you may have two of these, but...That pot looks fabulous!! I love it. I'm going to try again with the whole plant thing. Yeah, we'll see how it goes...Love you!

  5. who in the world could not get happy when they saw that? i love it!

  6. Very cute polka dot pot! And, gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere!


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